Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Note from Mark Gazy

Howdee people,

Trust you all had an enjoyable afternoon yesterday.

Mark Gazy (one of your jurors - in case I didn't introduce you properly) has sent me the following note:

Phillip, Thanks for the invite yesterday.

The dutch architects I was think of yesterday was They won a competition for the Museum Aan De Stroom in Antwerp, Netherlands. Images on their website aren't great [one image below - PA] but sure they can do there own search.

Anther project which might help some students is by Van Gameron Mastenbroek - Tea Pavilion in National Park Veluwe Zoom, Rheden, Netherlands. I think the company has split but this is a link I found Mastenbroek was a young gun that used to work for OMA.

Any chance to be a part of the final crit, would like to see how some of the scheme turn out?


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