Thursday, May 13, 2010

Note from Natalie Brcar (Part 1)

Natalie Brcar (another one of your jurors - again said just in case I didn't introduce you properly) has sent me the following note:


It was lovely to be a part of your design studio and see the design projects.

I have a few images that I thought may (or may not : ) be of use to some of your students.

I noticed a common thread in all projects, and that is how to address quality of 'space' and designing useable living spaces with small floor plates as a result of a small site and circulation constraints. It would be good to see the projects develop now from last nights concept ideas for form and circulation and turn these into useable, quirky and lovely spaces that grab any opportunity for daylight and ventilation. Find attached images of the Mineral House Project in Tokyo by Yasuhiro Yamashita - each use is on a separate floor and highlights that you actually don't need a lot of space for living and can be just clever joinery deign and detail.

.... [note continues]

Here are the links to the projects Natalie suggested (and below that one image of each project):

Mineral House Project in Tokyo by Yasuhiro Yamashita
MuSh Residence by Studio 0.10 Architects
House in Minamimachi by Suppose Design Office

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