Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Orozco

Thanks Alessandro for the comment on Orozco below. I am a big fan too. I would love to see his La D.S. project (image below).

You might also be interested in the house that Orozco designed with Tatiana Bilbao. Abitare has published an article and Iwan Baan has lots of photos on his website. Image of the house below from Iwan Baan's site (which, if you haven't looked at yet, is wonderful).


  1. I read an article on the house a few weeks ago but I think it was re-blogged from Abitare as I found the article on a scrapbook blog that never posts anything original. None-the-less the house is beautiful, not to mention the location.

    The D.S is stunning to see in real life. The attention to detail is phenomenal and (being a classic car lover myself) found the lines he created as a result of slicing and rejoining it are almost better than the original!

    Thanks for the link to Iwan Baan's site too... Some great photos on there.

  2. Also you told me to remind you about Casa Malaparte. I think you wanted to post something about it here on shftoptplus...


  3. Alessandro, scroll down a bit few a few posts about the Casa Malaparte.

  4. I'm not sure how to make a post on this blog, so I will write here in the comments box...

    Next Wednesday evening I will be going to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the Archibald with some friends. This is a proposal for anyone wanting to see the Archibald, or in fact the Art Gallery of NSW (as Phillip suggested earlier in the semester- an opportunity for an 'architectural excursion').
    Wednesday evenings the AGNSW is open until 9pm for 'Art After Hours'. See the links below.

  5. Hi Caitlin, you can't post, only I can. What i've done in the past is take your comments and convert them into posts. I'll do this now.

  6. Hi Caitlin, blogspot had a little meltdown in the last few days. It wasn't me who deleted your comment, though (obviously) i've read it. Post on AGNSW visit above.