Sunday, May 1, 2011

Musaschino Art University Museum and Library

Given that a few of you are looking at providing library facilites, I thought i'd draw your attention to a few examples:

First up, Sou Fujimoto's Musaschino Art University Museum and Library.

I would have thought there'd be a lot of info online, but I can't find as much as expected. One good blog for coverage is HIC*, an architecture blog that appears to be from Barcelona, probably associated with Jordi Bardia. I have not known of this blog, but it looks good (with work by Claus en Kaan, Josep Lluís Mateo, Sergison Bates and others.

Here is the link to their Post on Fujimoto's library. What's especially lovely about this idea is that the built fabric of the library is shelving, an idea that arguably ties back to some of Shigeru Ban's Furniture Houses and perhaps even to Henri Labrouste.

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