Friday, June 17, 2011


I don't know if any of you still check this blog now that semester has finished (well, except for marking), but Designboom have just published this lovely project by a German firm called AMUNT. Very nice the way they have arranged 2 dwellings into a very small space - could have been a useful precedent for you.


  1. Philip,

    I still check the blog as I enjoy your updates. The architecture is always cool and innovative. It's also a nice break from the ff+e schedule I am currently working on.

    Not so keen on the exterior of this one, but the timber interior gives me the sense that it smells wonderful inside. Oh, and the bike under the stairs - a nice little touch.

    So please keep posting!


  2. I like the small details that are evident in the joinery. Also, I particularly like the use of rope (?) as the balustrade/handrail element in the stairs (great view of this in the image 'corridor'- the weaving through the wood= really nice)