Friday, June 3, 2011

Juror 3 - Anthony Gill

Anthony Gill of Anthony Gill Architects will also be coming in. Photograph below of Restaurant Berta is by Peter Bennetts.


  1. The bank (as in sloped ash felt) next to the fence there is a fantastic spot for skating and bmxing. I've spent hours riding around this place and admiring the architecture. Isn't there a design firm or something on top of this restaurant?

    I also have a question concerning layout of plans - if there are multiple plans on one page, do you start at the top of the page with the lowest floor or with the top floor? The "exhibition work" on uts online suggests that we start from the top of the page with the site plan and then follow with the first, second, third etc etc down the page. I remember you commenting on my plans in the last tutorial but I wasn't sure if it was sarcastic criticism.

  2. Hi Alessandro

    I find it very annoying to have a higher level plan above a lower level plan on a page. Maybe its just me.

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  4. Okay thanks for this feedback Phillip I will present in this way and see what happens!